NZ Feijoa Growers Association members are proud of the product they grow and market. The Association is this year starting a progrgramme which identifies growers who have agreed to produce their fruit to the highest quality level.

This level has been set out in the NZFGA grade standards and includes quality controlled touch picking, handling and grading standards, storage and transport standards. Fruit from these growers will therefore arrive in the marketer at this standard. from there it is the marketer's and the retailer's responsibility to store and handle the fruit with utmost care.

If fruit supplied to you arrives in damaged condition, please in the first instant contact the marketer you purchased the fruit from and in the second instant the grower providing you with their fruit.

For storage and handling guides for the retailer and wholesaler please click here

The growers who have signe the NZFGA supply agreement which assures their product to be of the highest quality are listed below, with the relevant standards to which they are certified, or comply.

Heather AsheNew Trafford FarmYes P35752NoYesNoYesNo
Steve AntunovichLilybankYes 2569YesYesNoYesNo
Hamish BlackberryJust FeijoasYes YesYesNoYesYes
Neville BrookBrook FarmYes 2544YesYesNoYesNO
Ming Teh ChengCheng's Splendid GardenYes 2480YesNoNoNoNo
Jackie and Clive CraymerTaumata FeijoasYes NoNoYesYesYes
Jutta & Tony FirminWhite Goose CoYes 1714YesYesNoYesYes
K GoldsmithOratia Orchards LtdYes BT189YesYesNoYesYes
Alison HaslipPinewater NZ LtdYes 4608NoYesYesYesNo
R & M JessopJessopsYes 469YesNoYesYes
J KiddleYes NoNoNoNoNo
Helen LoryP and H LoryYes F0202NoNoYesYesYes
G & J McIntoshG & J McIntoshYes 2768YesYesNoYesYes
C Reid & G BurnsMangaruaYes NoNoNoYesNo
G SigleySigley OPrchardsYes YesYesNoYesNo
R TurnerA & R The Good LifeYes NoNoYesYesNo
D WardRehutai Orchards LtdYes 2848YesYesNoYesYes
G & T WilliamsAwanui FeijoasYes 1930YesYesYesYes

Glossary of terms

Grower number as allocated by NZ GAP or Organic Certification authorities (see below)

NZFGA picking standards are the Associations picking standards - viewable here

NZ GAP is a quality assurance programme that provides a traceable, accountable system from crop to customer,

Grow safe The NZ Agrichemical Education Trust's training programme which follows principles of safe, responsible and effective agrichemical application,

Organic certified means the grower is certified by Agriquality NZ