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Welcome to the NZ Feijoa Growers Association. The Association is an incorporated society established to serve the interests of feijoa growers in New Zealand.

The Association executive is comprised of an committee of up to 10 members. The members are elected at the AGM.

The activities of the Association are industry good activities and includes the provision of information for growers, newsletters, holds an AGM and field day, facilitates and funds research projects, undertakes a promotion programme, liaison with exporters and government officials.

The membership kit provided to new members when they are accepted into the association includes our book "Feijoa Manual: Improving Fruit Size & Yield", Local market Quality and Handling Standards, Export Market Quality and Handling Standards, and a fruit Maturity Guide.

The Association is funded through a compulsory levy under the Commodity Levies Act and through member subscriptions.

To join the Association please complete the form which can be downloaded below. The cost is $140 for a new member and $40 for an existing member (incl GST).

Click Here to download a printable Membership Form.