Putting you in touch with Exporters

The NZFGA has the promotion of export from NZ as one of its priorities, and has this page to put our overseas customers in touch with NZ companies that our members have worked with

Listing a company here does not indicate in any way that NZFGA endorses or prefers these marketers, other than knowledge that members havesupplied these marketers in the past and have been satisified with their results.

The NZ Feijoa Growers Association is regularly approached by potential customers who are looking for supply of feijoas from New Zealand. We are also asked by growers for details about buyers for their fruit. This page is intended to help all make contact, but NZFGA accepts no liability for any transactions conducted subsequently. All business should be conducted under commercial contracts.

Links to: Hyperlink
Delica http://www.delicaglobal.com/
Contact: Nikki Craig, email nikki@delicaglobal.com
Fresh Produce Group NZ freshproducegroup.co.nz/
Contact: Duncan Rutherford, email duncan@freshproducegroup.co.nz
JP Exports Ltd http://www.jpexports.co.nz/
Contact: Warwick Preston, email wpreston@jpexports.co.nz
MG Marketing mgmarketing.co.nz/
Contact: Brett Reid, email robert@rd8.co.nz
Pole to Pole Produce Ltd http://www.poletopole.co.nz
Contact: Todd Abrahams, email todd@poletopole.co.nz
RD8 Ltd rd8.co.nz/
Contact: Rob Quinn, email robert@rd8.co.nz