Useful Links

The links on this page are intended to be a resource for NZ Feijoa growers

Links to sponsors of our previous or coming Annual Conference are highlighted. We ask that growers consider their support of our industry when making their supply decisions

If you find links that no longer work, or have some more suggestions, please let us now at-

Links to: Hyperlink
- 5+ A Day
- Ag Research
- AgriQuality New Zealand Limited
- Biogro NZ
- Environmental Protection Authority
- Feijoa Australia
- FertResearch Assn
- Foundation for Research, Science and Technology
Fresh Direct Ltd
- Freshmax
- Fruit Wine and Cider Association
- Horticulture Industry Training Organisation
- Horticulture NZ
JP Exports Ltd
- Landcare Research
- Lincoln University
- Massey University
MG Marketing
- Ministry for the Environment
- Ministry of Primary Industries
- Ministry of Foreign affairs and Trade
- Ministry of Health
- Ministry of Research, Science and Technology
- Motueka Sunday Market
- New Zealand Food Safety Authority
- New Zealand GAP
- NZ Organic Products Exporters
- Plant and Food Research
Pole to Pole Produce Ltd
- Produce Marketing Association
- Seasonal Work in New Zealand
- Tharfield Nursery Ltd
Turners and Growers
- Waimea Nurseries