Export Market

Information for the export market

The information on this page is available to assist Feijoa industry participants who are involved in the export of feijoas from NZ

for further information please contact us at- feijoa@itm.org.nz


  1. Registration of Growers
    It would be very helpful if growers us know if they are exporting this season. Please complete the form, which can be downloaded below and post or fax back (details on form). There is no compulsion for this but if we know who is growing for export, then we can contact you if we ever need to - Click Here to download a printable Export Registration Form (available shortly)
    Click Here to download a printable Spray Programme
  3. Spray Diaries
    Complete your spray diary with all the sprays you have used and forward to your exporter before your first consignment of fruit - Click Here to download a printable Spray Diary
  4. Pests
    A sound system for inspecting for pests on all export ruit is essential to avoid the market access problems that have been encountereed in prior years. Mealy bug is a particular issue
  5. Growsafe Certification
    If your are applying your own sprays you are required to be Growsafe Certified. Please check in your local area for training courses if your are not certified (The growsafe website is at www.growsafe.co.nz. Also under the HASNO Act you are required to be an approved handler. For the time being your Growsafe certification covers you for this.
  6. FDA Registration
    Where growers are packing their own fruit and it is being exported to the US you will need to be registered with the FDA in the US. Again please check with your exporter and they will be able to assist you
  7. Levies
    Under the Commodity Levy Order for Feijoas exporters are required to deduct a 2% levy based on the fob value of the fruit. This money is then forwarded to the FGA. If this is not happening please advise the FGA so we can take some action. This money is used for export promotion and research for the industry. For more information, see the commosity levy page.
  8. PLU Labels
    Please check with your exporter if they require you to use the industry PLU labels. Stocks are available from the exporters.