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.. to the official site of the NZ Feijoa Growers Association. This website will be a resource for our members, but many areas are open to anyone who has an interest in learning more about feijoas.

A warm summer means that feijoa growers are expecting a very high quality crop of fruit in near optimum condition. Hot, dry weather is ideal for the production of a high quality crop and fruit quality for the season is looking very good says the president of the New Zealand Feijoa Growers Association, Tim Harper. But it's the world leading growing systems used by professional growers that will have played a key role in ensuring large, good quality fruit, he says.

Feijoas are expected to be on sale by mid-March and available until early June this year. Fruit volumes have now grown to a level that, barring adverse weather conditions, they will consistent volumes in the shops in the future.

We also welcome you to visit our facebook page and be part of the Feijoa community. It is a great way to stay in touch with our favoruite fruit.

The NZ Feijoa Growers Association also has a request for wholesalers and retailers. The Association notes that while we do everything we can to work with Association growers on the importance of quality fruit and professionalism in growing and selling practices, not all feijoa growers are members of our association. As a result, there may still be fruit coming to market that does not meet the industry standards. If you encounter poor quality fruit, ie fruit that does not meet minimum standards, it is your right to refuse this fruit.

For information on organic feijoas, please click on this link.

Please click this link to see the members that have proudly agreed to the NZFGA standards.


The Association values constructive comments from everyone who buys our fruit to eat.

We want to make sure that the fruit that you buy is of the best quality. So if our customers are not happy with their purchase, we want to know about it. Only then can we trace back to the problem and stop it happening again.

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